Probation Information

To provide quality and professional support and responsible oversight to those individuals we are empowered and commissioned to assist, with fairness and integrity. 

Our Vision is to be a Probation Department that will:

1. Treat every probationer with dignity, respect and a willingness to positively affect each and every individual. 

2. Make every interaction impactful. 

3. “Make things happen”…at all times, and in spite of circumstances and hurdles. 

Our Team:

Angela Mustard, Chief Probation Officer(513) 398-7901 ext 111 
Carol Reynolds, Probation Officer(513) 398-7901 ext 121
Thomas Dedrick, Probation Officer (513) 398-7901 ext 119
William Chapman, Probation Officer(513) 398-7901 ext 113 
Jenna Coltrane, Probation Officer                      (513) 398-7901 ext 115 

Probation and costs

(A) Any person receiving a sentence including probation must pay $150.00 to the probation department of the Court. Those probationers that are given probation must report as directed by the probation officers. After the first (90) ninety days of reporting, each probationer will continue to report as directed, but will be assessed a monthly fee. Any probationer that has completed all of his/her assigned programs and has attained all the reform goals set by the probation officers can, at the exclusive discretion of the Chief of Probation of the Court be set as an other than reporting probation for the remaining term of their probation. Any random or required drug screen/urine test will be charged $15.00 per test.

(B) The court shall adopt the house arrest program with costs to the defendant only.

(C) Unless otherwise modified in a given case, an offender placed on probation under section ORC §2951.02 must obey the standards of his probation set forth by the Court.

(D) The forms used, the time and number of appointments, the nature and times of random drug/alcohol test lie strictly and wholly with the Chief of Probation within the limits of the Ohio Revised Code.

Any defendant found guilty of an offense charge that did not receive probation as part of his/her sentence will be referred to the probation office if the Court agrees to allow a payment schedule of his/her fines and costs. Such defendants will then be admitted to the probation program until all fines are paid and a determination by the Chief Probation Officer is entered that states that the defendant has successfully completed all obligations.