Motions and Pleadings

Motions Practice: All motions, except those normally made at trial, shall be in writing, served on opposing counsel, and made within the time limits prescribed in the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure. Motions will be supported by Memoranda of Law containing applicable statutory and case law citations. (Copies of significant decisions shall be attached to the original filing only.) Unless the following statement appears prominently upon the first page of the motion, no oral hearing will be allowed: “Counsel Requests an Oral Hearing of Approximately Minutes at Which Time Witnesses will be called.”

A date and time for oral hearings on motions must be obtained from the Clerk of the Civil Court or his/her Chief Deputy in charge of Civil. Parties wishing to respond in writing to such motions shall do so not later than the fourteenth day following service of the motion or three (3) days prior to the oral hearing date; if an oral hearing has been requested, whichever is earlier. All motions not heard or decided prior to trial will be disposed of at trial. All motions where an oral hearing is not required shall be accompanied by a proposed entry.