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Bond Schedule

(A) Bonds, as set forth in the warrant or charged on the bond schedule found herein, can be satisfied by any methods stated in Criminal Rule 46. Bonds on felony cases may be secured by property with approval of the court upon motion and hearing where moving party must show that equity is twice the amount of bond and the property is located within Warren County, Ohio.  Bond may be satisfied by a 10% cash payment paid to the court or the jail by the defendant or bondsman. Any increase in the bond amount over the posted schedule must be approved by the Judge.  Pursuant to R.C. §2949.091 a $25.00 surcharge is required when posting bail on non-moving traffic violations.  If found not guilty or if the charges are dismissed, the surcharge will be returned by the court.

(B) Any bond money deposited with the Court will be accepted in the name of and for the defendant only, and may be forfeited upon the defendant’s failure to comply with any of the bond conditions.  Bond money will be held until all appearances are made, all fines and costs are paid, and all other conditions of bond have been fulfilled.  Bond money may be applied to fines and costs owed by the defendant in other cases.  If any balance of bond money remains, it will be returned by a court issued check payable to the defendant. Bonds that are satisfied by a 10% cash payment and subsequently released will be subject to a 10% filing administrative fee pursuant to Crim. R. 46.  This section (B) does not apply to money deposited by a bondsman or bonding company.

(C) Notwithstanding section (B) herein, for any criminal or traffic cases, the bond will not be returned when:

(1) The case results in bond forfeiture or waiver payment and the fee shall be added to the stated fine (by the Court) or the bond and waiver schedule provide for this event.

(2) The case results in a conviction and the payment of a fine, fee and/or costs are ordered to be paid out of the bond.

(3) The case results in a dismissal at the defendant’s cost and bond is not released.

(D) Methods of Payment: The Court will accept cash only. No credit cards are accepted. Other than checks issued by a bondsman or bond company previously registered with the Court, a check shall not be accepted as payment for a bond or any portion thereof.

(E) Special Provisions: Unless otherwise provided for on the following schedule, no bond shall be set prior to the first court appearance in all cases involving:

  • violence;
  • serious threats of violence;
  • weapons;
  • violations of protection orders;
  • sexually oriented offenses; or
  • a Defendant who has a history of failing to appear, or a Defendant’s whose physical, emotional, or mental condition appears to be such that he or she may pose a danger to himself/herself or others if released. 

(F) The clerk of the court or his/her designee shall be available for the filing of charges Monday through Friday during normal business hours, and on holidays and weekends, between the hours of 10:00 am and 10:30 am.

(G)  All traffic offenses except those listed in subsections (1) through (9) of this subdivision may be disposed of by this court’s traffic violations bureau.  The following traffic offenses shall not be processed by a traffic violations bureau.

  • Indictable offenses;
  • Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any other drug of abuse;
  • Leaving the scene of an accident;
  • Driving while under suspension or revocation of driver’s license;
  • Driving without being licensed to drive;
  • A second moving traffic offense within a twelve month period or violations where the speed exceeded the speed limit in school zones by more than 16 m.p.h.;
  • Failure to stop and remain standing upon meeting or overtaking a school bus stopped on the highway for the purpose of receiving or discharging a school child;
  • Willfully eluding or fleeing a police officer;
  • Drag racing;
  • Wrongful entrustment; or
  • Any offense designated a second, third, or fourth degree misdemeanor.

The attached is a list of the offenses or violations designated by ordinance number of the Ordinances of the City of Mason and/or by Ohio Revised Code Section Numbers and the same is hereby established and published by the Mason Municipal Court for the use by its Violation Bureau.  The said list, as to any and all statutes and ordinances listed thereon, supersedes all previous schedules.

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